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Discover & compare ETFs and mutual funds in seconds

Save time and earn more for your clients with Portformer, a financial discovery solution for RIAs and other investment professionals. 

  • Compare funds head-to-head. Just data, no spin.
  • Win business with clear, fee-slashing proposals.
  • Spend less time on research. And more with your clients.
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One-Screen Simplicity

Explore a whole universe of funds without juggling tabs. Enjoy full functionality on all your devices.

Opinionated & Actionable

Just type in a ticker and see our Top 10 alternative funds in seconds. Select and compare based on returns, risk, and fees.

Unbiased Analysis

Cut through industry biases. Portformer compares investments based on efficiency, not reputation.

Serious Fee Savings

Grow your AUM the easy way—with investments that earn their fees. Portformer saves 30bps on average.

With Portformer I spend less time in investment review. It’s like having a full-time PhD on our team. 

Mary Thompson


2019 Wealth/Stack Showcase

Portformer at WealthStack Showcase

The Portformer team was invited to present at the Wealth/Stack Advisor-Only Showcase.

Our ETF alternatives increased returns by 2.9% and reduced drawdowns by 2.7% through the COVID market correction. Learn More.

It would take an eternity to do this level of research without tools like Portformer

Carlos Sava



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Frequently asked questions

Portformer is a financial discovery platform that helps RIAs, asset managers, and other professional investors find high-quality, low-cost ETFs and Mutual Funds through head-to-head comparisons. 

Portformer is based on four years of research applying Bayesian statistics and machine learning to financial analysis. For more info, see our case studies

Portformer is designed to run in your browser on all devices—mobile, tablet, desktop, and even large-format TV. If you have an account, simply log in here. Or sign up for a free trial

Portformer starts at just $74 a month. Visit our pricing page for more info.

We partner with Envestnet Yodlee to securely and confidentially link client accounts. All your interactions are protected by enterprise-level encryption, and we never sell your data. See our privacy policy here


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