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ESG in Focus: Providing Clarity in an Evolving Moment in Investing

According to ETFGI, at the end of 2019 total assets in ESG based ETFs were over $45.0 billion. This number has exponentially grown over the prior decade as ESG investing as a whole is ever more relevant to advisors and their clients.

As a byproduct of the movement in the investing community the number of ESG focused ETFs has grown in tandem with the trend. Advisors are left to navigate a growing segment of funds with few tools available to make a timely decision without substantially limiting the quality of their analysis.

Portformer’s technology empowers users to discover ESG focused alternatives to existing investments through the Custom Universe feature on the Portformer technology platform. By uploading a curated list of ESG centric funds into this feature, Portformer’s results are limited to those funds specified. Professionals are able to subsequently make refined security selection choices with more clarity and in less time.

Below are steps Portformer advisors have taken to identify ESG focused alternatives:

 In this case an advisor curates a list of ETFs according to their criteria of an ESG rating greater than 7.0. The result of the curated list provides the advisor with 144 different fund options (subset displayed below).

Taking this list of tickers, an advisor is able to quickly copy and paste the list into the Fund Universe feature on the Portformer platform. Find the feature in the upper right menu within the application.

As aforementioned and displayed below, the results are limited to those funds specified by the advisor within the Fund Universe.

Andrew Kebalka

Customer Success | Research | Business Development


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