Fintech for Black Finance

Fintech for Black Finance

We're offering Portformer free to Black financial advisors. Here's why.

Financial advisors are influential community members who protect the assets of clients and guide them to achieve their financial goals. But unfortunately, only 1.6% of Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) are Black, even though Black people represent 14.6% of the US population. 

This lack of Black advisors is not just inequitable—it deprives the financial community of essential knowledge and leaves precious communities without services. 

To overcome these obstacles, we must support Black advisors. That’s why we’re offering our platform free to early-stage, Black financial advisors. 


Black US-based financial advisors with managing under $100M in AUM are eligible for this program. We ask that all interested advisors apply individually and share with us how else we can help. 

What Is Portformer?

Portformer is a robust portfolio management platform that helps advisors have client conversations through next-generation research. Independent advisors use our head-to-head scoring and curated investment data to generate client-specific investment insights. Powered by machine learning. 

What We Provide

  • Unlimited Fund Discovery & Trends
  • Head-to-Head Replacement Scoring
  • 20-Year Backtester
  • Portfolio Alerts
  • Bi-Weekly Office Hours with the Portformer Team
  • (Planning Package – 6 Months of Free Access)

Next Steps

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