FinTech Sandbox Demo Day

It was an exciting event where we meet new prospective clients, investors and hundreds of members of the New York FinTech community.  Watch the video of the demo below!

We are focused on helping Financial Advisors win new business.

Portformer™ is an online financial research tool that helps RIAs save money for their clients by finding low-cost ETF alternatives to existing Mutual Fund investments.

Here are the steps:

  1. Click on a potential client’s portfolio
  2. Choose one of the top 10 suggested lower-cost ETF replacements
  3. See the $ saved for your clients and the game plan to rebalance their portfolio
  4. Win a new & happy client!

Learn more here:

Our Experience with the FinTech Sandbox

We have been thrilled to work with the FinTech Sandbox, as mentors in the program over the last few years and as a member of their 6th cohort. Their connections with data vendors and the feedback they gave us during the demo and product refinement stages were a tremendous help to us and our young company. Take a look at some of the other companies that presented here:

If you are a new FinTech company and are looking for advice on how to navigate the ever-changing world of financial data, we couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Please reach out to them here:

Sean Kruzel

Based in Boston, Sean is a portfolio manager, MIT grad, and founder of Portformer. When he’s not investing or programming, he’s probably sharpening his skis for the next icy, New England snowstorm. Check out his full bio here:


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