Portformer Competitor Intelligence

Fund Manager Using Portformer Competitor Intelligence

Our solution empowers fund managers to grow and protect their AUM.

Is your marketing strategy as sophisticated as your investment strategy? Differentiate your ETFs and Mutual Funds with powerful insights from machine learning. 

Compare whole fund lineups and individual funds based on returns, fees, risk, and more. Reveal hidden strengths that help win AUM from investors. 

Portformer Fund Discovery for Competitor Intelligence

One-Screen Simplicity

Explore a whole universe of funds without juggling tabs. Enjoy full functionality on all your devices.

Opinionated & Actionable

Just type in fund family and see statistically similar funds in seconds. Click to compare funds based on returns, risk, fees, and more.

Unbiased Analysis

Cut through marketing jargon and industry biases. Portformer compares investments based on efficiency, not reputation.

Serious Sellability

Empower your sales team to grow your AUM with data-backed proof of your funds' outperformance.


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It would take an eternity to do this level of research without tools like Portformer.”
Carlos Sava
Clarendon Capital Management LLC

2019 Wealth/Stack Finalist

Portformer at WealthStack Showcase

The Portformer™ team presenting at the invite-only WealthStack Advisor Showcase. 




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