What Role Does Your Wholesaler Have in Helping You Quickly Create Solutions ?

Asset management companies are finding the head to head competition greater than ever as the demand for models is building and consolidation is emerging selectively within the industry. With downward pressure on management fees and a proliferation of new products coming into the marketplace, firms are looking for solutions to improve their sales productivity, respond to market shifts faster and create paths of differentiation.

Advisors share with us that they are labored with a plethora of choices. While looking for greater efficiency and better outcomes so the asset manager has to be laser-focused on protecting their key relationships, being more responsive in tailoring their communication, and working to bring new thinking forward. Many available tools today provide the analysis however they frustrate the user because they fall short of the answer – providing recommendations or possible investment selections.

The battle cry is constant – wholesalers feel the pressure to work smarter, adapt faster to the changing advisor needs and growth and deliver a new perspective through data.

Asset managers and fund companies are relying on their research teams for a quicker analysis, faster responsiveness to field feedback and support them consistently across multiple media. These teams have established operating guidelines for turning around requests however with more firms recruiting advisors and acquiring asset books, the expectation for insightful and faster delivery of information only moves higher.

Just the answer – quickly, please !

Our focus is to generate faster answers for the advisor, help them implement the action faster and foster the generation of new ideas from extensive possibilities. While added functionality is important, the advisor needs to get to the answer and implement as quickly as possible. So we know that the recommendations and the statistical analysis including underlying portfolio metrics are – equally important.

Today’s client presses the advisor for more data-driven conclusions and shuns generic ideas. Advisors is coaching more and aspiring to search for a new or improved answer but they struggle with balancing the time aspects tied to execution. They don’t have time to toggle – they want the tool and clamor for the support to get there faster.

Can I complete the analysis and free-up available capital ?

Advisors have moved beyond looking for the highest returning or lowest cost fund and now also take downside risk and capital efficiency deeper into their analysis process. They must understand how their fund selections will behave during a market pullback and just as critical is capital efficiency — how much do I invest to more closely match the risk, return and expense ratio factors and possible create some liquidity for other financial planning needs. Our measure of Lowered Capital highlights the capital inefficiency in the current fund(s) and identifies where there may by an opportunity for reallocation or liquidity.

The initial step is usually fund discovery, that is, researching the entire universe and uncovering a finite set of recommended solutions that can quickly be evaluated side by side or only within a subset of the universe – for example, actively managed funds without the painstaking effort of creating reports from scratch.

On demand reporting within a single view

As fund companies are looking for better tools, historically they have accepted the clunkiness or extensive steps in their process despite their growth because of their bandwidth to look for a better solution so ultimately concluding that one tool does not fit all.

They find themselves in this position — conduct the analysis, review the recommendation and push it out to the field with the research team’s commentary and conclusions – very quickly !

Everyone in the sales team must keep the best tools at their fingertips so they can be responsive to a market event, consistently aligned with with the client’s communication cycle and be unencumbered from the constraints of the home office operating hours.

The primary goal to increase AUM is always there for the wholesaler, and the advisor is looking for help to solve the time dilemma. Our mission is to create new ways to have the advisor regain their time and reinvest it with the client through a powerful combination of expertise and technology to create the competitive edge. We’re confident that we can help guide you and measure that success.

John DiBenedetto

Sales | Business Development | Customer Success


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