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Is Your Investment Process Efficient ?


There has been much attention paid to differentiating and building out the client experience. Whether you’re reaching for independence through a new start or firm, or re-branding your current firm, the advisor is faced with a fantastic opportunity before them to develop a new experience for their clients.

The table stakes are higher and the investment process is no different. While there is tremendous focus on investing money into technology, its critical to constantly review how you’re adding value through it. Have you worked to improve your process and are you spending the appropriate amount of time on reviewing your investment strategy while serving the client?

Advisors consistently share they are challenged with finding better technology to efficiently build client portfolios. Adding to the complexity is the growing number of low-cost investment choices and the growing research burden is hurting practice efficiency across most advisories. We have found that advisors who have explicitly outlined how technology should enhance their research process, are able to get higher quality funds in their accounts at lower costs with less time. The time savings alone have enabled these advisors to be able to service more clients and provide them with a differentiated and robust fund lineup.

At a minimum we recommend advisors have technology solutions with the following attributes to help with these key research tasks:

  • Fund Search & Discovery:
    • Filter, sort and rank on metrics that are most important to you and your clients
    • Underlying funds’ allocation to cash
    • Risk, return, expense characteristics
    • Competitive peer analysis
  • Portfolio Optimization:
    • Tax and transaction cost aware backtesting tools
  • Implementation:
    • Assessment of tax impact

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