Week in Review | 10 Jan 2020

Good day to everyone !

We hope it was a productive week returning from the holiday cloud cover as we rapidly approaching conference season for the financial advisory industry. So let’s kick off our Week in Review:

#Fintwit Influencer Analysis

We thank you as the responses to what is believed to be the first study in the industry of “#Fintwit Micro-Influencer & Community Analysis’ ‘ have exceeded our high expectations. We analyzed over 46 million tweets from 50,000+ users channeling into 6 communities which included Tickers, Crypto, Political, Advisors, FinTech, and $TSLA for greater insight on where our colleagues are engaged. 

For your convenience the link to our blog post and the study is right here. Please join our dialogue on Twitter @Portformer as our community continues to be active and we’re receiving interest in analyzing other critical topics, so stay tuned.

Industry Conferences

We are just 3 weeks away from attending the Inside ETFs Conference | Portformer in Hollywood, FL for January 26-28, 2020 and the TD National LINC 2020 event in Orlando for January 29-31, 2020 . We will be reaching out via email with more information and look forward to meeting everyone.

For those interested in the Inside ETFs conference, we are happy to offer coupons for a 25% professional discount on the registration fee. Please contact us via our chatbox at Portformer, or reply to this email.

Upcoming Webinar

Our next weekly webinar for Tuesday, February 7, 2020 at 2:00 pm ET / 1:00 pm CT. The topic for the webinar will be presenting our findings of the #Fintwit Influencer & Community Analysis. The study will help the financial advisor leveraging social media for their business so this session with Sean is timely and a must-see !

Here is the link for the registration –  Portformer Webinar

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Question of the Week:

How do you plan to reinvest in the professional development for yourself and your team in 2020 ?

As always, please share with us via our chatbox at Portformer or reply to this email and the information will remain confidential.

What we’re Reading:

Here is a snapshot of the best articles compiled and read by our team:

Please drop us a note if you plan to attend the Inside ETFs Conference | Portformer and TD National LINC 2020 events. As always, we welcome sharing this with a colleague who would benefit from joining our community or you can find us on social media at Twitter @portformer and LinkedIn at Portformer.


Sean Kruzel and the Portformer™ Team

John DiBenedetto

Sales | Business Development | Customer Success

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