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The Fix = VIX? | 12 July 2020

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Weekly Update

Advisors and their investors worry about market volatility and look for downside protection—especially during the kind of big negative moves we’ve seen during the credit crises of 2008, 2018, and 2020.

Higher volatility has been the name of the game, so hedging emerges as an important strategy for minimizing risk without upsetting the diversification of the client’s portfolio. While the VIX is an indicator of heightened near-term volatility, ETFs like VXX, VXZ, UVXY, and TVIX provide the best access.

After our comments last week on the market melt-up, many advisors asked about efficient hedging strategies. When we select VXX and looked for alternatives, VXZ comes up as an interesting, more prudent path. Beating 2,145 strategies, the fund has sustained nicely from return and risk perspectives. VXZ could be a compelling option for advisors seeking to hedge the market and avoid decay from S&P 500 Index options expiration.

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