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Vaccine = Rally in Retail? | 16 August 2020

With news of vaccine progress, we take a look at Retail, an oft-ignored sector battered by the pandemic. Retail shows signs of recovery but still falls short of 2019 pre-pandemic levels. But how much of this positive movement is durable and how much is pent-up demand?

While many brands have already filed for bankruptcy protection, and every fund looks for diversification, Amazon is a leading name.

Can we gain exposure to Retail without Amazon ? Through our Portformer search, we identify the standout XRT, which has minimal exposure to AMZN compared to 4,960 strategy possibilities. 

Another outstanding option is FTXD, which beats all potential replacements and delivers broad exposure to brick and mortar. eBay and Amazon comprise about 15% allocation of the fund. 

We look to this week’s announcements as Walmart and Target are scheduled to report earnings.

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