Week in Review | 21 June 2020

How well have active managers performed compared to their passive counterparts through COVID-19? And what does this mean for the future of active? Find out in our white paper from new Head of Market of Intelligence, Jeffrey Corrado, Founder Sean Kruzel, and entrepreneur Evan Schnidman, Ph.D. 

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Driven by FOMO, investors cope with conflicting signals from governments and markets and attempt to simplify the complex, but better outcomes are elusive. 

The market has mysteriously rebounded even as attention shifts to a potential second wave. But as brick-and-mortar reacts to the risk—Apple is re-closing stores, for example—a pause in momentum seems inevitable. Fed support, the centerpiece of the economic playbook, has steered the economy away from a worst-case scenario so far. The market has stood tall in backstopping risk assets as the Fed shoulder surfs behind.

Investment selection remains critical as certain leaders and market segments earn rewards over others. Advisors focus on a return to normalcy as they assess the impacts of social distancing by studying the behaviors and flows of people. The diversification narrative rises in urgency and will be redefined with different time horizons and greater data analysis through tools.

Advisors are looking deeply at the embedded risks within their strategic model portfolios. For example, exposure to China has recently rewarded investors due to the growth outlook, yet the political risk of US-China tensions tip the risk/reward ratio in this scenario.

Despite the unfolding global pandemic and unusual market volatility, our fund selections continue to perform well through this next stage of COVID recovery.

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