Week In Review – 22 Nov 2019

We’re excited to introduce our Week In Review that will keep you current on our developments at Portformer and within the industry.

Webinar: Creating Better ETF Portfolios: Finding the Competitive Edge

We wanted to thank those that attended this week’s webinar, for those that missed it, or would like a replay.  Here is the link to the video of our webinar:

Sean shared thoughts around a rising perspective for portfolio construction and the key takeaways:

  • Building a portfolio is a like a chef preparing a meal with a recipe and a selection of ingredients
  • Portformer™ creates head to head comparisons of funds generating a replacement score considering the 4 C’s: Consistency, Completion, Concision and Confidence
  • Looking at a simple 60/40 portfolio strategy, it was presented how straightforward it is to look beyond traditional style boxes and create a strategy of similar return characteristics with lower expenses, reduced risk and increased availability of capital. Gains in drawdown programs were noted.
  • The presented research highlighted the Portformer ETF Influencer portfolio using mutual fund/ETF data, network analysis and advanced statistical techniques. The portfolio was the result of reviewing the entire data universe and identifying the best opportunities for increased return and improved diversification.
  • The resulting selection of Portformer ETFs presented is a better approach and what we consider as the core building blocks for portfolio construction.

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Sean Kruzel

Based in Boston, Sean is a portfolio manager, MIT grad, and founder of Portformer. When he’s not investing or programming, he’s probably sharpening his skis for the next icy, New England snowstorm. Check out his full bio here: https://www.portformer.com/our-team

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