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Good as Gold? | 26 July 2020

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With a tight yield environment, relaxed monetary policy, and record ETF inflows—$40B for YTD 2020—gold rapidly gains ground in asset allocation. As the precious metal approaches an all-time high of $1,900 per oz, gold may be an anchor for advisors seeking to protect clients from churning waves of credit risk and the rocky shores of low yields. 

Although not traditionally a part of a 60/40 portfolio, gold has been a safe haven, rewarding investors with a total return of 25% YTD while posting records in most G-10 economies. An extended period of lower interest rates and less-than-stellar corporate earnings will boost its luster and attract advisors and investors alike. 

To help navigate the myriad of choices for this distinct market exposure, let’s take a look at two gold ETFs from VanEck. Here’s our analysis on GDX, and here we have GDXJ.

When compared head-to-head with peer funds, the recommended options offer benefits like reduced risk, lower fund expenses, and improved available capital. But most of all, the return opportunity provided by GDX and GDXJ is unmatched for the long-term investor.

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