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Sell in May and go away ? | 1 May 2020

Does it still hold for this market ?

As time goes on, fewer of the historical price anomalies are holding – ”sell in May and go away” has been 50/50 at best. There has been a greater narrative on how to reopen even if COVID-19 is not fully contained. Some U.S. states are moving forward with reopening contrary to medical opinion while those with plateaus and rising outbreaks choose to push out their restarts. Brazil is the latest virus epicenter emerging at a time when the leadership is tenuous.

We’re seeing normalization across all asset classes yet the markets are riddled with bounces and a selectivity for opportunity, with attention focused on the FAANG stocks. Guidance has been erased by corporate America and rising defaults are imminent. While advisors look to stay disciplined, they’re challenged to be more creative with client updates and greater emphasis on data visualization.

Advisors are confirming they’re getting favorable client feedback with focusing on drawdowns rather than the efficient frontier scenarios, as it builds an ongoing, impactful dialogue.

Alternative data for COVID-19 Resource Center

We plan to add new resources each week that we have reviewed which highlight the environmental and economic impact to the U.S. and global systems.

Coronavirus New Media Coverage – Keyword Measurement – Visualization of keyword tracking across media sources.
Trend data on emotional change in millenials through the outbreak period – Tracking of emotional trends within millenials from Cognovi Labs.
Mobility trends from usage data through Apple – Data visualizations from Apple Maps monitoring mobility trends.
Visualization of 15 years in 15 seconds – Interactive visualization of how the US economy has changed over last 15 years.
Impact of Smartphone Movement in Major Cities – Compendium of data studies on aspects of life and economy impacted from Univ. of Chicago.Our community is constantly sharing ideas for alternative data and trend information to enhance their research process and client engagement so we always welcome your suggestions.
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What we’re reading:

Here is a snapshot of the best articles compiled and read by our team:

Zero Commission ETFs Spur Practice Changes: Cerullli – Cerulli sees an accelerated use of ETFs by advisors for niche allocations.
Outsourced CIO (OCIO) Growth in 2019 – IWI research article on the growth of OCIOs and how they emerged.
How ETFs have Proved the Critics Wrong – FT article on ETF performance and how it has eliminated many historical criticisms.
Paycheck Protection Program Loan RIA ADV Disclosure – Excellent Kitces discussion on how advisors should disclose PPP loans on their Form ADV.
ESG Investing: Myths vs. Reality – Solid discussion from investment consultant on clarifying misconceptions of ESG investing.
CFA: Podcast of Global COVID-19 Implications – Podcast of investment professional panel assessing present/future implications of the outbreak. 
US investors Confuse Rally as Liquidity with Solvency – FT article discussing the recent rally and how it has created opaque view of solvency.

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