Coronavirus Performance Impact | 20 March 2020

Should we expect that the sharp market swings are becoming the new norm ?

Although we have had historical events that compare to the current situation, including Spanish Flu, SARs / MERs and even Black Friday or 9/11, they somewhat don’t seem to capture the breadth and speed of the impact of Coronavirus has had on financial markets and the daily lives of billions of people. We are in complex times which require access to information quickly. 

We recognize that there is a limitless reservoir out there of news, media and industry resources and we all have had to quickly pivot to our business continuity plans. Our objective is to not only provide quick analysis from technical and authentic sources but also provide clarity at a time where the market is unsettling and unpredictable.                                                 

From a strategic viewpoint, the current environment presents an opportunity and time to realign clients with their long-term goals. Whether you’re undertaking a review or looking to reconstruct your investment models, we’re available to support and provide a clear and different perspective.                                                                                           

Let’s commence the Week in Review:

Portformer – Performance review during the Coronavirus Market Correction

We’re excited to share our latest performance analysis as the global effects of COVID-19 and have compressed the valuation of risk assets and bond yields so wanted to share our suggested ETF alternatives and how hey have fared during this sell-off.

Portformer – Performance Review during Coronavirus Market Correction

Breakpoint Alerts

We are adding a limited number of investors to our invite-only Breakpoint alerts and forecasts, our risk and regime forecasting that reflects stocks, FX, crypto and ETF movements, to help the active investors stay on top of these rapid market changes.  

Please let us know if you are interested.

Alternative data resources for your Coronavirus Resource Center

We’re pleased to provide some additional resources that we have reviewed that share some of the environmental and economic impact to the U.S. and global systems.

Coronavirus – A visual guide to the economic impact – a summary of data visualizations depicting the global economic impact.

Flatten the Curve, a Social Distancing Simulation and Tutorial – An effective online simulator with an academic perspective that displays the effects of social distancing.

Coronavirus: navigating the global economic impact – Coronavirus resource center hosted by Nuveen that shares economic and investment perspectives.

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center – The Coronavirus dashboard created by Johns Hopkins University.

What Is the Global Impact From the Coronavirus Outbreak? – Coronavirus resource center hosted by JP Morgan that provides anaysis and investment perspectives.

Coronavirus: it’s not too late to act – Commentary on applying many of the lessons learned within the current crisis.

COVID – Nitrogen Dioxide over China 

Coronavirus – Nitrogen Dioxide Emissions Drop over Northern Italy – Recent data has shown a decline of air pollution over China and Northern Italy coinciding with its nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Coronavirus: Onalytica (Twitter Analysis) – Since December, there have been 264 million Tweets around the Coronavirus, and the numbers are still growing, we’re still very much at the beginning.

Why Outbreaks Like Corona Spread exponentially – Simulation illustrated in the Washington Post to display effects of mitigation and containment. 

Many folks have pinged us to assist with their research process and efforts during this rapidly shifting time so we welcome your interests and suggestions.


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Question of the Week:

How have you modified your communication process and plan with clients through the recent market volatility, health emergency and anticipated recovery  ?

Please share with us via our chatbox at Portformer or reply to this email and the information will remain confidential.

What we’re Reading:

Here is a snapshot of the best articles compiled and read by our team:

If you have any difficulty accessing these articles and papers, please reach us through our website or directly at

More than ever, this is a time for us to bring our respective communities closer and reach out to respective colleagues who are remote or can use assistance.

You can find us on social media at Twitter @Portformer and LinkedIn at Portformer.

Stay safe,

Sean Kruzel and the Portformer™ Team

John DiBenedetto

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